Why Portfoliosense® Is Better

Portfoliosense® is an intelligent, scientific approach to investing which is wholly evidence-based, fully transparent and completely measurable.

Mathematics of Diversification

Investing 'for purpose'

By clearly understanding the investor's objectives, we are able to identify the return that they require and then select the optimum portfolio to achieve this, subject to this being within the investor's risk tolerance.

Understanding these expectations, and using portfolios that have a proven history of meeting target returns, puts our clients at an immediate advantage… increasing their chances of a successful investment outcome.

Portfoliosense® is proven to deliver superior returns

Whilst we accept that past performance is not an accurate guide to the future, as we follow the traits of markets it can provide a good indication of what to expect in the future – and historically, over any reasonable investment time period, our portfolios have outperformed their market benchmarks.

However, outperformance is not our priority - our aim is to provide the targeted market return required to meet the investor's objectives without breaching their personal tolerance for risk.

We do this through intelligent asset class positioning, capturing the returns offered by markets whilst also allocating funds to sectors that provide the potential to deliver a premium over this.

A high quality investment vehicle at a lower cost

Portfoliosense® keeps costs down by accessing its underlying investments via institutional index funds. This avoids the higher management, and frequent trading costs associated with traditional active fund managers - a practice which historic evidence and past performance suggests offers no value to the investor in the vast majority of cases, but which in fact increases investment risk and uncertainty whilst eating into the returns.

Ongoing Professional Investment Coaching

Any investment strategy without ongoing guidance and management is going to lose its way and become unbalanced - our ongoing investment coaching ensures that you remain disciplined when the markets try to spook you, and ensures that the strategy stays the course, remaining closely aligned with your objectives. We will of course also optimise tax efficiency.