What Is Portfoliosense?®

Portfoliosense® is a dependable, cost-effective investment strategy born out of intellectually robust scientific research into how capital markets work, with all decisions based on Nobel Prize-winning academic theory1 and strong empirical evidence.

Decades of data guide the way, with our goal being to deliver the performance of capital markets and where available, improve on these returns through state-of-the-art portfolio design.

This is investing...not speculating.

Defensive / Growth Indicator

Proven, cost-effective, reliable...

Portfoliosense® is a Financial Planner's dream investment solution, with each individual portfolio providing an anticipated projected return set against a quantifiable level of risk (based upon historic downsides) – all provided at low cost by investing via institutional index funds – constructed and managed for purpose – allowing our clients to invest with their eyes wide open and with confidence - or as we say, enjoy a 'more dependable way of investing'!

More importantly, it increases our clients' chances of a successful investment experience.

This provides a structured, robust and dependable investment portfolio for our clients that has a high likelihood of delivering the returns that they require, yet allows them to sleep comfortably at night.

11990: Harry Markowitz for 'pioneering work in the theory of financial economics'. 2013: Eugene Fama for 'empirical analysis of asset prices.'