Portfoliosense® Client Process

So how do we turn aspirations into reality through Portfoliosense®?

Discovery - What are you investing for?

We do not invest a client's money until we have taken them through a comprehensive financial planning process that clearly identifies their needs, objectives and requirements.

Having successfully done this for many years we are absolutely convinced that this approach will ensure that our clients not only invest 'for purpose', but also create the right strategy from day one.

The Strategic Recommendations

As economist Adam Smith wisely counselled:

'If you don't know who you are (or what you want) the stock-market is an expensive place to find out.'


Having identified the investment strategy that is right for our clients, we then implement it using appropriate online investment platforms and products, minimising costs whilst maximising tax efficiency.

Review - Building Lifelong Relationships

Investing and financial planning are not one-time events - ongoing investment coaching is essential to ensure that you and your investments remain on track and we have a service solution designed to achieve just that.

Making a wise investment choice is no different from making any other lifestyle choice, and some will take this more seriously than others.

We know that we can support good health and wellbeing by making smart choices - such as by exercising regularly, eating healthily, not smoking and keeping our weight under control - yet when we look around we see that despite the irrefutable evidence that these are choices from which we can substantially benefit, many choose not to make them.

Get serious about your investments - let us help you ensure that your investments are working for you.

Whether you are considering making a new investment, or wish to review your current investment strategy, we will be happy to talk to you or respond to an email.

To learn more about Portfoliosense® please contact us.