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Financialsense® is a complete money concierge service for materially successful individuals who are often too busy working or living to manage their own financial affairs, or matters have become too complex.

It is guaranteed to:

  • Identify your life objectives and priorities.
  • With such clarity, ensure all of your financial resources are all mobilised to achieve these objectives that often includes achieving a desired future lifestyle or maintaining one.
  • Saves you time by taking things off your desk and to do list.
  • Get you financially well organised.
  • Improve your financial performance.
  • Help you to live life with greater financial confidence and peace of mind.
  • Be your critical friend "Carefrontation" and financial coach.

Financialsense® will provide significant value both financial in matters such as tax and investment cost saving, and 'beyond' financial, where we act as coach and counsel, help with decisions and become that critical friend, to project manage matters and motivate you to do stuff and get things done.

Having now successfully done this for a number of years we are absolutely convinced that this approach is the only right way for materially successful people to organise and manage their financial affairs.

FinancialSense Process

Key benefits of Financialsense®

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning - Starting with the creation of a Financial Plan designed to identify priorities and objectives, using cash flow planning to project your likely financial position into the future, identifying any financial vulnerabilities or financial opportunities, culminating in the implementation of strategic wealth management solutions.
  • Structured Regular Reviews - Covering all areas of financial affairs to ensure your plan remains on track.
  • Portfolio Advisory Service - Ongoing portfolio management through Portfoliosense®, a proven, low cost, 'honest' investment strategy that has consistently delivered outperformance.
  • The Pension & Retirement Service - To ensure your pensions strategy is suitably managed, taking advantage of the new freedoms, and consideration of the complexities surrounding the Lifetime Allowance and Annual Allowance rules, while supporting you with advice and solutions in relation to your pre or post retirement financial strategy.
  • The Team Service - Direct access to your own highly qualified, dedicated experienced & financial team, each with complementary skills, working in partnership with you, providing ongoing care personal to your needs and removing hassles that managing your financial affairs can often bring.
  • The Priority Response & Prompting Service - Reacting promptly to your needs and concerns and prompting you where necessary to ensure important things get done.
  • The Financial Information Service - Regular financial commentary plus invitations to our financial & lifestyle workshops.
  • The Taxation & Estate Planning Service - Tax optimisation and mitigation service.
  • The Professionals Service - Working with your existing professional advisers or where necessary recommending a professional from our trusted network.
  • Family Support - Providing financial advice to close family members.
  • The Deposit Sourcing Service - Helping to locate the most suitable home for cash holdings.

How this works in practice for potential new clients can be seen in Our Approach.

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