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How Currency Movements Affect Your Returns

Investing internationally can bring many advantages to a portfolio, but why can there be a difference between the performance figures cited for the same sector/fund when quoted by different sources?

Added 23 May 208
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Why Invest in Bonds

It was recently asked of me when discussing performance with a client, why have bonds in the portfolio at all when we know that it is the equity holdings that provide the growth?

Added 8 May 2018
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Investment Commentary Q1 2018 - Volatility: Friend not Foe

After a surprisingly calm investment environment last year, financial market volatility returned with a vengeance at the beginning of 2018...

Added 13 Apr 2018
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Investment Commentary Q4 2017 - Reading the Tea Leaves

Observations from 2017 and the final quarter.

Added 17 Jan 2018
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It (still) does what it says on the tin...

Portfoliosense - Seven Years and Certainly No Itch

Added 19 Dec 2017
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Autumn Budget 2017

No quips from Philip Hammond about this being the first or last Autumn Budget, however here is our summary of the key changes he announced.

Added 23 Nov 2017
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Spring Budget 2017

A summary of the changes announced by Philip Hammond in his first Budget as Chancellor.

Added 9 Mar 2017
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Autumn Statement 2016

The new Chancellor, Philip Hammond, used his first Autumn Statement to abolish it!

Added 24 Nov 2016
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US Presidential Elections & the Stock Market

Over the long run, the market has provided substantial returns regardless of who controlled the White House!

Added 2 Nov 2016
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Read what are clients say about Henwood Court...

Added 11 May 2016
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It Does What It Says On The Tin.......

Portfoliosense.....It Does What It Says On The Tin....

Added 11 Jun 2016
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The New State Pension - What does this mean for you....

The new State Pension has been introduced for people who reach State Pension age on or after 6 April 2016.

Added 6 May 2016
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Budget Summary 2016

A summary of the changes announced by The Chancellor in his 2016 Budget

Added 17 Mar 2016
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The New Dividend Rules

This is an in-depth look at the reforms announced by the Chancellor in the Budget of 8th July 2015,

Added 11 Feb 2016
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10 Things You Need to Know About the Residence Nil Rate Band

Recent Budget and Autumn Statements has brought little cheer for taxpayers (particularly higher earners

Added 27 Jan 2016
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In April this year the New State Pension comes into effect

Added 15 Jan 2016
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Our Client Promise

Our service promise

Added 23 May 2013
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Expenditure Spreadsheet

In order to be able to assist you in achieving your objectives we need to be able to quantify them...both now and in the future. You may find this to be of assistance.

Added 10 Oct 2012
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Investment charges can have a significant impact on investment returns and should be minimised where possible.

Added 10 Dec 2014
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The Dangers of Cash On The Balance Sheet

Any prudent business would want cash - afterall companies do not go bust they run out of money - but this has implications..

Added 27 Jan 2014
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Business Protection

Protecting your business again catastrophe

Added 7 Aug 2014

The Best Accountant For Your Business

At Henwood Court we recognise the value and importance of a good accountant - but what is good?

Added 14 Aug 2014

Top Ten Investment Rules

You chances of experiencing a successful investment experience is increased if you follow these top ten rules.

Added 1 Mar 2015
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Summer Budget 2015 - IHT & Property

A detailed summary of the Summer 2015 Budget's IHT & Property proposals.

Added 15 Jul 2015

Summer Budget 2015 Briefing - Buy-To-Let

The recent Budget included plans to change two key elements of the tax relief available to landlords in a move that could affect thousands of buy-to-let investors.

Added 17 Jul 2015
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5 Reasons To Engage Henwood Court As Your Financial Planner

We are much more than 'just' a wealth manager. We are proud of our relationships with our clients and the difference we make in their lives

Added 22 Jul 2015

2015 Summer Budget - Tax on Dividends Explained

We have explained the proposed changes to tax on dividends that will come into effect next tax-year

Added 22 Jul 2015
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Six Key Values That Henwood Court Provide

Here we identify the six key values that sets us apart from other financial advisory firms.

Added 8 Oct 2015

Portfoliosense® – it does what it says on the tin….

Henwood Court’s investment offering is a best-kept secret, and as we pass the first five years of Portfoliosense®, we wanted to share the results with you.

Added 18 May 2016
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Financialsense - Our Private Client Service

An overview of Financialsense, our Private Client Service

Added 18 Jan 2017
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Buy-to-let investment has been to the fore of recent budgets, resulting in various changes. While many took effect from April 2016, phasing out of tax relief on mortgage interest begins April 2017.

Added 18 Jan 2017
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Henwood Court Is A Special Place Created By Special People

Gaye Morris - Henwood Court do far more than just manage my money....

Added 19 Jan 2017

Just In Case...

Life, family and business experiences have taught me a number of lessons in life. Please take some time to read my story.

Added 8 Feb 2017
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The Consequences Of The Introduction Of The Residence Nil Rate Band

A guide to the Consequences Of The Introduction Of The Residence Nil Rate Band

Added 21 Mar 2017

We're Hiring!!

Financial Planner Vacancy

Added 11 Jul 2017
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Experiences Versus Things

I like things and I value experiences, especially those that create memories.

Added 15 Aug 2017
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To Gift or not to Gift

A brief outline of the Inheritance Tax Gifting Rules

Added 25 Aug 2017
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Bitcoin - To Bit or Not To Bit

To Bit or Not to Bit: What Should Investors Make of Bitcoin Mania?

Added 20 Dec 2017
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ElderLife Invitation

Elder Life Seminar - Moore Hall Wednesday 28 February

Added 29 Jan 2018
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Should you help children/grandchildren repay their Student Loans?

An area that we are regularly asked about is the issue of Student Loans, and how best to help children / grandchildren with student loans given the high interest rates of 6.1% recently quoted.

Added 23 Feb 2018