About You

About You

It's all About You...

Whether you’re an entrepreneur selling your business, senior executive looking to change career, a partner in a professional firm thinking about retirement, or already retired and looking to make some key financial decisions, the most important thing is to understand what you hope to achieve as a result of this life event.

We will support you through these key financial moments in your life by helping you to realise the outcomes you want. Our experience in managing transitional change has taught us the most effective ways to maximise return from these milestone events, freeing you from the day-to-day worry of managing, protecting and growing your wealth.

If you are facing a major financial decision and have investment needs, we are here for your life journey. And beyond.

Are we right for you…

All our clients have some key elements in common - they are a 'good fit' for our firm and methodologies and we are the right financial partner for them.

Suitability as a client is determined by a number of factors.

Fundamentally there must be a willingness to fully engage in our in-depth, interactive exploratory planning process. This is a critical element in ensuring we fully understand lifestyle goals, desires and aspirations and can build an effective plan from it, and importantly, manage your financial affairs with these in mind. Without understanding you it is impossible to effectively manage your money.

Additionally, we need to be certain that we can provide sufficient value and if we feel we cannot we would decline to proceed.

Some of the Characteristics and Aspirations, you may share with our clients:

  • You are often busy with work and life, you're business owners, executives or partners in professional firms - either actively involved in your businesses or enjoying retirement.
  • You want to delegate the management of your money and preservation of your wealth allowing you to focus and enjoy other aspects of your lives.
  • You want to build a lifelong relationship with a business that can help you organise your financial affairs, deal with vulnerabilities and identify opportunities.
  • You want to ensure that you can continue to maintain your lifestyle into the future, working with us to ensure you do not run out of money, or die with too much.
  • You want to help and support your family, passing wealth through the generations and mitigating Inheritance Tax.
  • You generally have assets available for investment in excess of or approaching £500,000 or have earnings at a level sufficient to achieve that asset base.