Case Study - Paul & Lisa

10 years younger...

Paul & Lisa

Paul & Lisa were in their late 50's, but looked and felt twenty years older - their business was slowly killing them. It demanded 70 hours a week, with Sunday mornings finishing off paperwork.

Holidays were few and far between. Hobbies, none. Stress, lots.

Requirements: to escape from their business before it finished them off.

Ambitions: Learn to fly 'before it's too late'.

They had been recommended to Henwood Court by a Business Supplier who had retired a few years earlier. The problem was they were just to busy to sit down with anyone let alone a financial adviser who will try to sell them something!

On talking with Henwood Court it soon became apparent that they were not trying to flog pensions and insurance - they actually wanted to talk about them, their goals, objectives, ambitions as well as their fears and worries.

These discussions also enabled them to identify the kind of lifestyle they'd really like.

Mr & Mrs '10 Years Younger' revealed that they had recently rejected an offer of £2 million for their business because their accountant had persuaded them that the potential value was possibly £5 million. While they had also accumulated substantial funds within investments and pensions.

So there they were, still working.

When Henwood Court set to work, creating their financial plan and crunching numbers, they found they needed £550,000 to retire NOW.

If the cost of flying lessons and the purchase of a light aircraft was built in they needed £750,000 NOW.

And this was to start living the life they wanted NOW.

Trouble is, they'd turned down £2 million!

With the help of Henwood Court they managed to get the deal back on the table and ended up selling for £1.8 million. Their accountant went bananas.

Moral of the story? Sometimes, life is too short to listen to accountants!

Paul & Lisa continue to enjoy their retirement with the continued assistance of Henwood Court and now look - AND FEEL - 10 years younger.

This case study is and based on a client scenario to illustrate our typical client work and advice process. Identities have been changed to protect privacy.