Case Study - John & Sarah

Are we there yet?

John & Sarah

John & Sarah were nearly there, or so they thought. Trouble is they didn't know where 'there' was!

One night John, a Senior Pilot for a major airline, was at 35,000 feet over Outer Mongolia. Out of nowhere the thought 'How much longer do I have to do this!?' slipped into his mind. Increasing pressure, tighter regulations, continued testing, and regular cut backs - it was no longer the same. The fun had gone. And now, aged 55, he was thinking 'WHY am I still doing this?'

What he really wanted to fly was his own single engine, two seater bi-plane. That was real flying. That's what he wanted - to buy and fly his own beauty. He had a great pension. He'd built up healthy cash reserves and investment holdings although this did cause confusion and the occasional headache. He'd nearly paid off his mortgage.

But what did it all mean? Was he 'there' yet?

He needed help. So John's colleague referred him to Henwood Court to help make sense of it all. Henwood Court helped John and Sarah get a fix on what they wanted, and when they wanted it - the sort of lifestyle they would enjoy.

Travel? No thanks, they'd done enough of that! Now, their interest was flying and breeding goats on their own 30 acres. So Henwood Court crunched their numbers and started to build their financial plan to achieve their lifestyle desires.

They found they'd already arrived, provided they downscaled their house at about age 75 John could immediately give up long haul and enjoy the wind in his face at the controls of his bi-plane instead.

Henwood Court helped to make the dream a reality and convert their existing financial arrangements onto a retirement foundation, helping to organise and tidy their affairs dealing with the pension options and creating a suitable structured investment portfolio - moving away from the previous scatter gun approach and embracing financial organisation. Both John and Sarah were happy to dump the pain of organising the paperwork onto Henwood Court and felt empowered to make decisions with Henwood's guidance.

They continue to meet with Henwood Court who manage their investments and ensure their objectives remain on track to give them the life they want and the goat population is coming along nicely too.

This case study is and based on a client scenario to illustrate our typical client work and advice process. Identities have been changed to protect privacy.