Case Studies

Business Owners

Male Business Owner

Many entrepreneurs are great at managing their business finances, but have difficulty finding the time and energy to focus on their own personal finances. Find out how Henwood Court can act as your "personal Finance Director" by reading case studies from our clients who own and run businesses.



Male Executive

Many senior executives work hard all their lives to climb the corporate ladder, it's tough and it's competitive. Often they simply run out of energy and time to plan their retirement, or even to create an exit route! Henwood Court helps senior executives to make the space and time to create the life they want. Find out how here...



Retired Couple

You'd think that retirement might signal the end of your worries about money, and with great planning it can! But there are all sorts of pitfalls from IHT to not having enough to live your dreams - Henwood Court can make sure you are in the best possible position to maximise your retirement plans.